project 1

I chose Ami James his personal qualities that i believe led him to success are his professionalism and even though he is hot tempered he is always on top of things and still knows how to have fun and he can conect with the people he works on. Incase you dont know Ami James is a Tattoo artist. he co owns Love Hate Tattoos in Miami Florida with Chris Nunez. He stars on a show called Miami Ink. Also he co owns a Clothing company called Deville Clothing with Jesse Fleet and Chris Nunez. Ami is from Israel but has lived in Miami since he was twelve. His family at least most of them still live in Israel so his friends have become his family. the reason why i think that Ami James is a successful person is he got his first tattoo at age 15 and he fell in love with the art. He took his love for the art and at age 20 began tattooing. he was running the business out of his home. since he has devoted his life to this art he now has a tv show his own tattoo shop which is pretty famous and a clothing company. so in conclusion the reason why i chose Ami James is because he took a passion for tattoos and turned it into a life style and now he is a pretty famous guy and he does some pretty amazing work.

project 2

i chose Synyster Gates (Brian Elwin Haner Jr.) who is the lead guitarist of Avenged Sevenfold. His personal qualities that i believe make him successful are his passion for playing guitar and he seems to be a hardworking guy who knows how to have fun but he still gets the job done. he has confidence in his work and in the work of his bandmates. some of the circumstances that may have made him successful are the fact that his dad is a song writer and he plays guitar. Syn never really took lessons from his dad or anyone else he is a self taught guitarists. the only thing that his dad showed him are the ropes or what he needed to get started. he joined Avenged Sevenfold when he was 18. he dropped out of college to focus on the band and he became a studio musician. the reason why i think Syn is a successful musician is because he works and has worked hard to become the best guitar player that he can be and he is always willing to lear new tricks. he works hard and has been completely focusing on the band since he joined. he is an amazing guitar player and his music is origional. He also can play the keyboard and organ. Avenged Sevenfold is a farely new band and i think that they have and will continue to be very successful.

project 1:

for my successful person i chose my grandfather. i chose him because he knows how to have fun but he gets the work he needs to get done, done. he is originally from Ireland but when he was 18 he took a boat to america. that trip alone must have been long and hard. in order to make it he must of had to be strong and just keep his hopes up. by moving to america he had to adapt to our culture and find and make friends and people to work for.After moving to vermont he began working with carpenters and learning the skills necessary to become a carpenter.My grandfather never graduated from any school he never went to school back in ireland or when he did he would leave at his own will. in his younger years he would drink a lot and get into a lot of trouble but now he has gotten over that and doesn't do much carpentry work anymore but he does caretake for a few places around dorset and makes sure the lawn and houses are all in good shape. since the passing of my grandmother he has realized that he was rude and not a very nice person when he drinks. so since that realization he has stopped drinking as much and has become a better person. my grandfather actually helped build the post office by the school. when my grandfather is working he always makes sure everything is right but if he makes a mistake he knows how to fix it. i think my grandfather is successful because he never went to school he learned from doing it and like he always says if he builds something it wont fall down.

he knows how to have fun but he gets the work he needs to get done, done.

originally from Ireland but when he was 18 he took a boat to america

began working with carpenters

never graduated from any school he never went to school back in ireland

always makes sure everything is right but if he makes a mistake he knows how to fix it.

project 2

for my successful musician i chose ville valo. ville is the lead singer in the finnish rock band H.I.M. and also a songwriter. he was born in valilla finnland but moved to Oulunkylä and lived there throughout his teenage years. his love of music came from his parents. all though they are not in the music business his parents and his cousins showed him some finnish rock bands and his cousins introduced him to the heavier sound of bands like black Sabbath iron maiden ect. his first musical step was at a birthday party when he was three. ville picked up a set of bongo drums and began to play. i think ville is a successful musician because his songs are very powerful. i am referring to the messages in them and his deep and thought provoking lyrics. also ville and his band are the first finnish band to go gold in the united states so that achievement alone can prove that he is successful. the mood and experiences going on in his life at the time of writing an album will show in the music for example if ville is going through a hard time his songs will be more dark and depressing. because ville puts his life and feelings into his music it makes his songs have a meaning instead of just being a random song.

lead singer in the finnish rock band H.I.M.

born in valilla finnland

love of music came from his parents. his parents and cousins showed him finnsh bands and bands such as iron maden and black sabbath

at age 3 ville picked up a set of bongo drums and began to play (first musical step)

his deep and thought provoking lyrics make him successful

his band is the first finnish rock group to go gold in the united states

whatever is going on in his life will reflect in his music

because ville puts his life and feelings into his music it makes his songs have a meaning instead of just being a random song.

project 3
the characteristics that both my grandfather and ville valo have in common are :

both are from aother country and when coming to the united states for good of for touring had to adjust

both work hard and put their heart into what they do

once they start a job they make sure its done well and make sure they actually finish it

they never give up

they take pride in what they do

belief in what they are doing


family influence natural ability
meeting new people
and just there ability to sit and practice, work until they improve

project 4

kelly Moore has amazing determination and even when things are hard or he reached a rough spot he still moves forward and makes his dreams and goals come true. he is able to stay focused and get things done within the deadlines he sets. when he doesn't have time to practice his instrument or write he will find as much time as he can to make sure his skills stay sharp. when traveling to other countries to help make a solution to world hunger he puts his heart and soul into whatever he does. he sets his expectations high and does whatever it takes to reach them. he said if you see the vision and have the determination and you know its what you want to do ten never give up. practice and do whatever you have to do to make the dream a reality but its more about the excitement and happiness you get from playing.

Travis Dobson like kelly moore has great determination and although he didnt think he wanted to be a musician for a living at first he realized down the road it truly was what he wanted to do. his determination and ability to work hard and sit down and actually work not just play helped push him forward in his work. he has moved around and traveled the world playing music and is getting paid for it. when things got hard and it looked like he couldnt get out of the whole he stuck with it and persevered through. he agrees with kelly that as long as your having fun you should do it. he also said make yourself perform even if its just playing on the street corner making a few bucks. he has gotten gigs and made money just by playing on the street. also he said just mess around with your instrument and get to know it better. messing around will give you a better understanding of how to express yourself and get your ideas out of your head. he worked hard to get where he is today but also has had fun working and playing his instrument.

Ken & Julie Olsson said as long as it makes you happy you are successful. and never do something because someone else wants you too make sure it will make you happy and it is what you want to do. they both have explored a wide variety of music and experimented with what works and doesn't work for them basically you have to filter out what you don't like and just hold on to what does work for you and work hard at it. they both d what they do because they love doing it and if they didn't love doing it they wouldn't be where they are today so just b true to yourself. its not about making money it about having a good time doing what you love and making connections with people and touching people with your music. money is nice but it can't compare to the feeling you get when someone comes up to you and says you have changed their life or touched them with your music.

Bret Grigsby is dedicated to what he does and has a specific way that he likes to do things. he always finds time to practice and will always use a metronome.


have a love for what they do
find even the littlest bit of time to practice throughout the day
stay focused and move forward
can actually sit and practice not just play

Traits That I Posses
determination/ dedication
passion for guitar
work ethic
learning from others
playing with people who are better than me which as really helped improve my skill
ability to take the time to learn something slow and build up speed gradually



  • eliminate distractions like aim, mysace ect.
  • isolate myself from others while i practice

three times rule
  • remember to use it
  • apply whenever i am practicing and to everything

  • get one
  • use guitar pro metronome more often

add style to existing works
  • i tend to want to play it exactly how the son plays it so i could learn it a different way r do something slightly different
  • learn live versions of songs because they usually o something a little different while playing live

improvise with others
  • practice improvising more
  • be sure to stay in time
  • improvise/ jam with thers more often

knows what all the amp knobs do
  • i know what they do but i couldnt explain it to someone
  • reseach it more

connect with audience
  • i havnt performed much so the only thing i can really do is perform more
  • or be exciting/crazy on stage
  • feed of the crowds energy

**Please describe any significant improvments that you have made as a musician this term.

  • sweep picking has improved a lot i am now able to do 3 string sweeps pretty well and am working on 5 string sweeps

  • right hand consistency with alternate picking i used to use more down picks and not realize it but with brets help i am noticing more of what i am doing and fixing it

  • improvising never used to be able to make something up on the spot but now i am slowly being able to just jam with others or by myself

  • scales and fundamentals never before did i take the time to learn the scales or the 5 different patterns of a scale but i am learning that now

What have you been working on, how have you improved.

i have been working on


sweep picking

i am now able to improvise and sweep it may not be the best as of now but i am getting it and making progress i never used to be able to make an origional piece or make something up on the spot but i can do it now and ope to et better at it

What are your goals for the second term?

  • do 5 or 6 string sweep

  • learn the fretboard

  • improvise with others

  • learn more of the fundamental aspects of playig guitar such as the fretboard scales chord shapes ect.