i took this class because its something i am very interested in and possibly make a career out of. i love filming being behind or in front of the camera. music videos are something i love to make as well as silly funny commercial type gigs. i am looking into the new york film academy and want to improve my skills and get out there to make a name for myself. i love filming and editing and the thrill you get when everything just seems to work out right and come together.

Plushy from Jacob Fox on Vimeo.

this is my first plushy video that was shot without any real story or structure just different shots with the camera. the story was formed when i began to edit and in the final version will evolve and have more of a structure and a slightly adjusted story with hopefully some better shots.

final plushy from Jacob Fox on Vimeo.

in the final version i used a few new shots including the real or legit buffalo and an opening shot of the buffalo looking at the school. other than that only one new shot was added the rest were from the original but i slowed the end shot down and shortened a few to make it as close to 30 seconds as i could