D m M A

perfect intravels rised becomes augmented

count up to find the number include bottom note
use the scale of the bottom note to find intravel
space to space or line to line is a third

F C G D A E B are all fifths



FAC CEG GBD major triads

I IV V major

chords built off of the 1 4 5 of a major scale are major

ii iii vi minor

I IV V primary triads

major triad - major third on bottom and a minor third on top
minor triad has a minor third on bottom and a major third on top

the number of the chord relates to the key

two minor thirds is a diminished triad

minor flat the 3 and 5 you get major
major flat the third get minor
major flat 3 and 5 get diminished

identification steps
step 1 find key
step 2 find the route
step 3 what degree of the scale is the root in relation to the key

always put in FACEGBD order

when belly is on the bottom it is a first inversion
when the butt is on the bottom it is in root position
when the head is on the bottom it is a second inversion

minor chord qualities

i iio III+ iv V VI viio

5 chord to six chord is epic

play diminished chords in first inversion

three is augmented or major

diminished chords can be two or seven




pencil trick for sharp keys

keys that are sharp GDAEBFC 1234567

keys that are flat BEADGCF two flats plus 1 more

modes- IDPLMAL

ionian -major
dorian -flat 3 7
phrygian- flat2367
lydian- raise the 4
mixelodian- flat 7
locrian- thinkup a half step use that key

see an accidental that doesnt fit 9 out of ten times it will be the raised 7th so it will be harmonic minor


F to C is a perfect 5th and so on

right next to each other is a third

FAC CEG GBD primary triads in key of C

major triad lower third becomes minor
lower midle raise outside to make minor major

diminished plus major third half diminished 2 in minor seven in major
full diminished is a seven chord minor
dominant chord must be fifth


GBDF dominant

to make major dominant flat the seventh

major seventh is a major third minor third and a major third

major 3 mino3r minor3 is dominant

minor3 major3 minor3 is a minor seventh

7 65(belly on bottom) 43 (head on bottom) 42 (hat on bottom) seventh 7 root 65 first inversion 43 second inversion 42 third inversion

6 64 triad 6 first inversion 64 second inversion

process: find notes put in FACEGBD what note was on the bottom if third is on botom it is a 65 (belly) head on bottom

step 1 key signature
step 2 roman numeral (tells you where chord is located in key
step 3 write out the notes in the chord build snowman
step 4 put the correct notes in the bass

major I ii iii IV V vi vii0
minor i ii0 III(+) iv V VI viio
BEADGCF(plus 1 more)
FCGDAEB (pencil trick)
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