Final Exam:

identify major key signatures

relative minor scales ex. A and f#

parallel major scales C major C minor

see an accidental think of secondary dominant accidental third degree of 5 chord

analysis- key signature at point of modulation draw line with hook then new key

augmented six chords

non harmonic chords

mark the notes that re in the key ex. key of f mark all b's flat

part writing rules!! no parallel 5th 8th or unisons double bass double soprano in 1st inversion diminished in 1st iversion doule bass

beaming meters correctly 6/8 sets of 3

part writing errors

7th resolves up key of c b should go to c

given a melody and asked for key

time such as simple duple triple ect.

identify intravel in melody

cadences final and non final

non final stops on 5 or goes from 5 to 6

final ends on 1

tritone substitution- neopolatin

neopolitin used instead of 5 (cadential substitution)

modulation any key area of scale except the seventh key or 1 shrp or 1 flat less or more

always analyze the chord dont jump to conclusions

sugestion visit theory resources and look at augmented six chords