today i started off by doing note trainer in all 4 clefs and got 100%

next i did key trainer and got 99% out of 103 keys i missed one because i messed up the flat trick but i quickly remembered and didn't miss another

next i did the interval trainer and although i was slow i did well and i plan on working on intervals to become faster at recognizing them

then i worked on the triad trainer and did very well only made a few mistakes but its been a while since second semester last year so everything is being refreshed in my head

after i did all of that i moved on to the guitar trainer i got 110 correct and 4 wrong ut i am really slow and dont have tem memorized so throughout the semester that is what i will be working on

today i began with the guitar trainer and started off slow but i am making good progress and speed is increasing the more i do it.

the i did a little interval training and did better than the last time but still want to practice and get faster at it

i started at one and ended at 145 with the majority of the time spent doing the guitar trainer

out of 404 notes on the guitar trainer i only got 4 wrong and got 99%

today i have been working on the guitar trainer on ricci adams