Part 1
  • What does it mean to be 'successful'? Define Success.
to be successful means to reach your goals and continue to set new ones to reach. it also means doing what you want to do i do not link success with amount of money made but with happiness.
  • Create a list ofpersonal qualities/characteristicsassociated with successful people.
have a love for what they do
find even the littlest bit of time to practice throughout the day
stay focused and move forward
can actually sit and practice not just play

  • Can these qualities/characteristic be learned or are they innate?
they all can be learned
  • List a few resources including books, internet sites and course offerings that could assist a person seeking to become 'successful'.
the inner game of music
lessons and forums on ultimate guitar or other websites
  • Describe variouscircumstancesthat can contribute to becoming successful.
living in the moment listening and getting out there performing and challenging yourself can lead to success

Part 2
  • Choose a successful INDIVIDUAL from the past or present (Jesus, Abe Lincoln, Michael Jordon, Oprah, Obama, etc.) and describe why you perceive them to be successful.
i chose Bill Muench because he is an inspiration to me and loves what he does. he took over the cinematography class after his friend died and must have researched and studied like crazy to be able to take on his new responsibility. he is always determined and thinking of his students and willing to help out. i am sure there are many events in his life that made him who he is today like traveling and even just becoming a teacher. many things could have led him to be the person he is today.
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  • Choose a successful MUSICIAN from the past or present (Mozart, Wynton Marsalis, Eric Clapton, Ari Rudiakov, Sting) and describe why you perceive them to be successful.
for my musician i chose jesse ketive of emmure because even with his lack of theory knowledge he was able to figure it out and make a career of his music and is in a successful band with 1 ep and 3 studio albums with a another one on the way. they have played around the country and around the world. also he was willing to set up clinics to help teach young kids or anyone to play guitar. Emmure the band jesse is in was formed on myspace or a sight like it and all the members would commute for hours at a time to practice and play music. the band as they say was "destined to happen." Emmure is a big inspiration to me and so is jesse/ they have played warped tour and many other shows and continue to make great music today. their ne album speaker of the dead is coming out in february.
  • Create a list of personal qualities/characteristics that were the same for both.
determination passion helpful focused
  • Were there similarities between each person's set of circumstances that led to their success?
not that i know of because you cant find much out about jesse ketive.
  • What qualities, characteristics and circumstances do you believe YOU possess to be a successful person/musician?
i am determined and have the passion and drive to keep me pushing forward i am always looking for new things to challenge me and make me a better player one thing i should work on though is focusing on practicing scales and such.