the warm up went well i did some fingure dexterity practice and some alternate picking excercises. over all everything went well and i probably practiced for probably about 15 minutes. i switched back and forth between teo excercises so i didnt feel like i was playing the same thing over and over again

everything went well i continued to practice what i did yesterday. the warmup lasted a little over 15 minutes. next i worked on sweep picking and hammer ons and pull offs. these excercises took 17 minutes. after that i practiced some of the songs that i already know and i started to work on the caged system. i lost track of how long i did each of these. for the rest of class i continued to work on the caged system and getting the pattern memorized and once in a while i would stop to practice a song.

today i practiced my finger dexterity drills and then i practiced the caged system some more. after i was finished with that i began to learn about scales and how to construct them. but more specifically i learned about the major scale and i will continue to learn more tomorrow

today i did finger dexterity drills as usual and then i watched another video about major scales. this video took longer than it was suppost to because it was lagging and kept freezing up. but i got it to work and it was helpful but a little confusing at times but i got it after a few tries. since the video took longer than it was supposed to i didnt have time to do anything else except practice some songs that i know for like 2 minutes

today was another day of learning about major scales i learned about major triads and seventh and a little bit about constructing chords from that. in the beginning i did work on finger dexterity a little bit but not as much as i have done before

tody went pretty well during my warm up i did my finger dexterity warmups and then i reviewed whaat i have been learning about major scales. this includes constructing a major scale triads such as a minor, major diminished and augmented triads then i reviewed my seventh chord copnstructions which include major, dominant, and half and fully diminished. then i watchProxy-Connection: keep-alive Cache-Control: max-age=0 oxy-Connection: keep-alive Cache-Control: max-age=0 another video that talked about constructingProxy-Connection: keep-alive Cache-Control: max-age=0 5Proxy-Connection: keep-alive Cache-Control: max-age=0 minor scales. then i practiced the song i just learned not to long ago which is pain by Three Days Grace.

today i did my finger dexterity stuff and then i practiced sweep picking a little bit. then i moved on to continuing to learn about scales but i made a switch to minor scales and then the major pentatonic scale.
i went through my finger texterity warmups then i went and reviewed the things that i have learned about scales and then i continued looking at pentatonic scales. after that i practiced songs that i know how to play and began learning another song
today i spend most of the time in class doing the recording project then beginning to learn last resort by papa roach. before i recorded i did do some warmups with the finger dexterity and scales but not as much as i usually do because i wanted to make sure i got the recording finished

most of my time today was spent on finishing up the recording assignment but however i did do some finger dexterity excercises and some scale review. i didnt want to start learning any more scales today because i didnt have enough time to watch and really understand the video so i decided just to practice and continue learning Last Resort

today went pretty well i did the usuall warm up of scales and finger dexterity then i did some work on sweep picking. after that i really didnt feel like learning anything more about scales today so i decided to just switch betwwen finger dexterity excercises and learning a song called your sword versus my dagger by silverstein

today i warmed up as usual then i watched a video on the blues scale. when i was done watching that video i continued learning and pracicing your sword versus my dagger and other songs that i know how to play

today i warmed up as usual then i watched some videos on how to play metal and after that i finished learning your sword versus my dagger and i practiced it all the way through a bunch of times with guitar pro and even a video of them playing it over all every thing turned out well

we did the buddy work so i just went over my warmup and played some things i couldnt learn more because there was noot enough time

i warmed up as usual then i looked at some videos about different things like solos and different riffs for songs

we both thought that my warm up technical and repetoire were pretty good and that i utilized the three time rule Jesse didnt chech a clear goal motivates the practice session probably because we didnt reaally talk about our musical goal he thought i was able to fix rythmic and pitch issues pretty well when i feel as if i can but it i could work on it more
11-3-08 i warmed up as usual then i practiced a little with the blues scale then i worked on playing paradise city and a little with the song get in the ring

today i warmed up with my finger dexterit excercises and scales and then i learned the blues scale in two othwer possitions then i practiced paradise city

today i warmed up then i went straight in to studying about how to improvise and start creating solos. i learned techniques that will help make your solo sound more interesting and i learned about phrasing

today i wrmed up as usuall went over some more improv stuff and for my sight reading i learned some of tears dont fall by bullet for my valentine

11-7-08 today i warmed up and revied some of the things i looked at the days before and then i continued learning tears dont fall


today i warmed up read a little bit in the book about improvising and then i practiced tears dont fall acoustic

today i warmed up and practiced some scales and stuff then went into practicing tears dont fall and wishful thinking

11-19-08 to 11-25-08

lately i have been working on songs and developing a new and better warmup routine i have been looking at john petrucci's dvd called rock dicipline and it has a pretty impresive warmup

throughout this week i have been practicing for the battle of th bands on saturday and next week i will continue with my studies

12-5-08 to 12-18-08
ive been practicing playing different songs and i have been playing with people and all is going well. i am taking theory next semester so im sure i will learn a lot more in the days to come

today i warmed up by doing my stretches then i moved on to doing my john petrucci warm ups which include finger dexterity right hand techniques like alternate picking and left nd right hand coordination then i did a few other dexterity warm ups and practiced hammer ons and pull offs

today wet pretty well the stretching exercises seemed easier since i had one them yesterday. i warmed up as usual with the john petrucci rock dicipline video techniques then went on to hammer ons pull offs and working on right and left hand coordination when finished with all my warm ups i practiced sweep picking for a while then went on to learn a new song out of my book that went pretty well but its a difficult song so i will take me a little while the song is redneck by lamb of god finally i ended with free time so i played a few songs

i did my warm up as usual and it went pretty well then i am still working on sweep picking i think i am getting better and will hopefully continue to improve after that for my sight reading i brought out a couple songs to learn then for free time i reviewed some of my bands songs and just started experimenting on the guitar for improv

i spent a lot of time looking at the resources that are on the computer so i didnt have much time to practice. also freebs had to set up the m audio box and everything so i just did my warmups and am pretty satisfied with my progress the stretches are easier and sweep picking is improving!

after i did my stretches and all my warm ups i went on to practicing sweep picking again and i have noticed a major improvement already i am getting it down on 3 strings and after a few more days or so i will probably try 4 string sweeps after sweep picking i didnt do sight reading today but i practiced some of my bands songs and jammed for like 5 mins

after my usual warm ups the rest of y time was spent with sweep picking doing diminished major and minor sweeps on 3 and 5 strings i will practice those throught this week and possibly next before working on 6 string sweeps

today i continued my work with sweep picking and trying to memorize some of the shapes and getting to sweep faster after all of my warmups.

today i still worked wit sweep picking and am going to start adding scale work into my routine and learning the caged system better so i can memorize the fret board

today i warmed up as usual them practiced a little bit of sweep picking trying to get some of the shapes memorized and then i moved on to learning scales such as major minor major pentatonic minor pentatonic and blues and ended with playing a song

these two days i warmed up then worked on my scale work along with my sweeping things are going pretty well i have memorized the scale shapes and am working with the minor pentatonic scale and its 5 positions i have most of the possitions memorized and hopefully will use them in improv soon

today my focus was really on buiding speed in my sweeping but i did do some scale work to make sure it was reinforced

today my focus was on 5 string sweeps and building up the speed of them

today i contnued to work on sweeping and i am learning the song canon rock by jerry c

these 2 days were focused on being fluent with alternate picking and being aware of how my hand is actually moving so i can gain speed and accuracy

today was also spent on the alternate picking but tomorrow i will continue some more with my scale work and sweeping

today after our guest speaker i kinda just went warmed up and experimented with improvising and stuff

thoughts on rob: what he said makes me realize that i need to start structuring my bands rehearsals, practices and also made me think of a few things i still need to learn on guitar one of which is the fret board which i am going to try the caged system to help me out. and i am going to be woring on improvising a lot more now.


i have been working on the blues scale 5 patterns and continuing learning sweeping and cannon rock also at the end of my practice sessions i have been making up riffs and improvising i haven't learned all of the blues patterns yet but i will continue to work on it throughout this week. i would definitely say my improvising is improving

today i worked on my sweep picking a little bit and i am still working on 5 string sweeps and i practiced cannon rock a little bit.

today was mostly spent on scales i am still trying to memorize the 5 blues scale patterns but i also worked on my sweep picking and found that 5 string sweeps are becoming easier and more fluent. i practiced cannon rock also but have not learned anymore of it

tody i continued my work with scales

today was spent building speed on sweep picking and just jamming and trying to make up riffs my sweeps are becoming much better and i am noticing the relationship between 3 and 5 string sweeps and how they come together

today i worked on my sweeping a little bit and i am still learning and memorizing the blues scale patterns i have 3 memorized pretty well and i know all 5 fingerings of the minor pentatonic scale also i have been experimenting and messing round with improvising and making up some riffs

today i worked with scales and memorizing the shapes it was hard to remember one of the shapes so i didnt learn a new one but i worked on the song second heartbeat by a7x

today i focused on scales and using the hopscotch method to connect all the scale shapes. i group the strings into 5 different groups of 2 and play the notes on those two strings down the fret board for all positions and then move on to the next group of strings. this is going to help me thing of it as all 5 positions being 1 giant position

11-17-0 9
my micro goal for today was with the hop scotch method it was to be able to do the last group of strings because i didn't get to it yesterday and i accomplished y goal and i am going to add this hopscotch technique to my warmup

today instead of combining ll of the patterns i did the same basic idea but i focused on 2 patterns at a time i completed patterns 1 and 2 and began working on 2 and 3 and will continue with this tomorrow

today my time was spent on whole note finding different lessons that will help me out and improve my knowledge of scales

continued with scales and looked at some exotic scales that i found on whole note

today i warmed up and added my scale work (hopscotch method) to my warm up then i worked on some improv stuff using those scale patterns


after my warmup i went into learning diminished sale and the harmonic and melodic minor scales over vacation i will work on arpeggios and continue that when i get back from break


today i warmed up as usual then went on to the harmonic melodic and hungarian scales to make sure i remembered how to play them then i did little wok with sweeping

today went really well i warmed up made sure i had the melodic harmonic and hungarian minor scale memorized then worked on building seed on my sweep picking then i did an instrumental style improve piece which i was really happy with


today i worked with arpeggios after my warm up i learned a basic minor arpeggio then 3 or 4 ways o=to extend it

today i went through and did the three times rule on what i have learned so far to strictly reinforce i have learned. i will be searching or a new song to learn using the new method we have been taught


today i pretty much did the sme thing as yesterday and moved on to c major arpeggio extensions

today after my warmup i worked on the song rusted over wet dreams by emmure and am going to find other songs that will challenge my ability to play

today after i warmed up i chose the song entombment of a machine to learn by Job For A Cowboy and once finished with this song i will learn Knee Deep also by Job For A Cowboy. I am still working on scales and sweeping as well my focus though will be sweeping for the second semester and remainder of the first

the past 2 days i have been working on sweeping as well as entombment of a machine i have most of it down i will spend a little time with it tomorrow then move on to learning knee deep


today i worked on sweeping for a wile just kinda getting back into the groove of school and the new year and it was kinda tuff to stay focused because i had a lot on my mind

today i worked with finger picking because i did not have a pick i was difficult but good practice and i am going to find chord studies to do when i finish scales and arpeggios.

today i went through my scales i know and then i worked on connecting the minor pentatonic with the hopscotch method but only using 2 shapes at a time and practiced building speed on sweep picking

today i worked on 6 string sweeps and began connecting some of the shapes

today was kinda a revew day making sure i could remember the new 6 string shapes and one of the 5 string shapes for sweeping also putting the 5 possitions of the minor pentatonic scale using only 2 shapes at a time

today i continued more wrk with sweeping beginning to integrate possition shifts and sequencing arpeggios

today i spent more time working on arpeggios and realized how the shifting arpeggios actually work and kinda getting it all tied together

today i continued my work with sweeping

i worked on building speed on my sweeps

today i worked on my normal sweeping and stuff and then i went over some new exercises that i found yesterday