2-8-11 theory work
  • rhythm drills
  • progressions
  • review of chords, intervals, key signatures ect. to keep them fresh in my head.
i will begin working on writing melodies and notation once i have a better foundation of scales and my arpeggios

today i wen to music theory.net and did some interval review and key signature review


the only theory i managed to get to today was sales and learning/ practicing them on guitar i'm thinking about making friday a straight up theory day on ricci adams.


i made friday theory day sine it is a shorter class and spent a lot of time recognizing minor key signatures then went on to specific intervals. i will begin working on rhythm drills and reading skills n my guitar next week.


the only music theory i have done lately is scales but i am going to look up progressions and use those progressions not only with chords but my sweep arpeggios as well i should also start to look up different chord voicings so that i will have those resources after i learn my scales more


today i read through a few of the books i found on the server about progressions and started looking over the sight reading book.


today i read about writing melodies and just things with that and will continue to do that


today i read a lot more about writing melodies and learned the key of the melody is pretty much determined by the chords behind it. you can make it either major or minor depending on the chords you use


tody i just looked at different guitar techniques and lesson videos


today my time was spent on ricci adams and learning/ refreshing my memory on various things like meter and rhythm and chords in first and second inversion as well as circle progressions and cadences.