my technical practice: 2-8-11
  • i will start off with a narrative of what i know before i start
  • new scale hopefully learn 1 if not all 7 fingerings of it. i will polish up the major scale first then move to lydian minors aeolian dorian phrygian mixolydian
  • next i will work on the cage system and learning the finger board
  • then chords and chord progressions
  • finally i will work on sweep picking and connecting these arpeggios


today i began to work on the lydian scale and learning the fingerings for that. it is going pretty well i feel like i will learn it pretty fast then im gonna back track and learn the 2 scales well 3 if you count lydian in different keys


i didnt have much time to do things today after tydying up the wikispace so i just worked on my scales that i already knew trying to get more efficient with them and practiced sweep picking then it was journal time


i worked with the lydian scale but having trouble memorizing the order of the shapes for whatever reason


i have the lydian scale in d memorized a lot better than yesterday but still iffy so will continue working on that but things seem to be moving long pretty well sweep picking is improving


today i chose to really focus on sweep picking to let the scale i just learned sync in better and not get mixed up so i worked on newer shapes i have not really focused on before an read a little bit about connecting arpeggios and looked at a song i knew (beast and the harlot by a7x) the chorus part has arpeggios and i looked at the shapes he used and figured out if they wee major or minor .


alright so today i wet to work on the aeolian scale in the key of d and will be looking at putting a sweep arpeggio to all the chords in the key of d i relate everything to the key of d to start off with just because of a7x they write in the key of d on every one of their songs and through learning a lt of their songs and making this discovery i found that when i write and improvise its always or more than likely in the key of d without me even thinking about it but i will be learning other keys as well


icontinued to work on the aeolian scale today it went pretty well then i did some usual sweep picking things and things are going well


today i worked on the aeolian scale once again cuz today was an off day and i was having issues with it


alright some scales were relly iffy today and i found a mistake i was making with the aeolian scale so i fixed that but other than that things are well


i continued to work on the 3 scales i learned earlier just to be sure i know what im doing with them and dont get them confused and i also worked some more with sweep picking


today i worked on the scales things wee going well and i started work on the dorian scale and of course practiced sweep picking


today i continued work with the dorian scale and thing are going pretty well


today i worked with the dorian scale again and things are coming along nicely


worked on the dorian sale and i think im ready to add it to my warm up


alright today was weird with my scales the aeolian and dorian i messed up a lot today for whatever reason but then got them right so i think they should be ok now the other scales i'm getting to memory pretty well and hopefully will only continue to improve i worked on sweep picking today as well


my technical practice today consisted of sweep picking and putting a arpeggio to each chord in the key of d i found an exercise that helped me for that.


i continued my sweep picking work today


i have been researching sales and knowing which scale to use with what chord and things like that im confused at the moment but im hoping i can figure it out well i think i have it figured out for the most part but we will see


i did a lot of experimenting today taking some songs i know and ooking at the chords trying to figure out what key its in and putting a chord to every note in the d major scale. basically im trying to make things connect and see relationships between things. i get confused once in a while but try to figure things out. one thing i want to start doing is taking the d major and minor scale that i learned and figure out where the root note is ect in each pattern so i can hopefully know the fret board better


i didnt do much technical work today do to the shortened block


today i didn't learn anything totally new but i took the f major scale and began to see ho to mov it and make say a g scale or any scale and i will continue to work with that for a little bit then begin to analyze notes in the scale and look at songs and analyze the relationships between the chords and solo notes ect.


alright so today i took the key of d and applied barre chords to it i took each note and made a chord using barre chords on the e string first then i did it on the a string. after that i went and looked at some progressions and using the key of d i played around with them. im a little slw at finding the right chord but the more i do it the better i will get. playing sublime songs on guitar has helped me with that a lot. after that i did a little more work with my scales and moving them to different keys and i think im going to learn the harmonic minor scale next because it has an awesome sound to it.


today i did more with the chords trying to switch between them without really having to think what im doing. i also took the d minor scale and in a creative way to try to memorize what frets i can play to stay in the key i took 2 possitions and just messed around with only th notes in the scale. then i analyzed some sweep patterns used in the song the beast and the harlot by a7x


today was spent mostly with sweep picking i took the key of d and put an arpeggio to each chord in the key. im going to work on switching between them more fluently and building up speed. i still plan to learn the harmonic minor scale and need to work more with chords and hord progressions


today i continued to work with sweep picking and my chords/ progressions and thins re going pretty well


i didnt really focus on anything new today i continued to work with the chords sweep picking and that stuff and will record tomorrow me learning the d harmonic minor scale


today i recorded my technical work but i only recorded 8 minutes of it so hopefully it will fit onto the wiki my technical work usually takes most of the block but things were alright i began learning the harmonic minor scale


today was alright i did some sweep picking work and i also learned some more of the d harmonic minor scale


today was spent on the d harmonic minor scale its a weird scale fingering wise so it is taking me longer to learn than the other scales but isnt going to bad


i tried to learn more of the harmnic minor scale it went alright its kind of a slow process


i sorta wrote a song or parts of a song today!! im pretty happy i want to keep working on it and write some lyrics for it and eventually record it for part of my final project


so i uploaded the recording of that song today under Final presentation and i want to write lyric for it and record those at some point. all my technical work ha been basically writing music or learning repertoire in the past few weeks.


im going to write lyrics for the song that i uploaded here and hopefully record them sometime soon when they get written. im also going to work on writing more acoustic and metal songs but when it comes to metal i need to keep things some what simple at first i feel like i think to complex at first but i need to get a basis and then can work on more complex things after.