my repertoire list:
  • anthems of apocalypse by winds of plague
  • possesion by whitechapel
  • darkest day of man by whitechapel
  • date rape by sublime
  • bring back the bomb by GWAR
  • vermillion pt 2 by slipknot


i should probably start looking into songs i want to learn. i havn't really focused a lot on learning covers lately but i know of a few i want to lear but a lot of them use seven string guitars so i will just have to either learn it without the correct tuning or down tune my guitar.


i worked a little bit with anthems of apocalypse today

3-8-11 decided to learn date rape by sublime


since i was in the dressing room today for my practice space i didnt have the computer to look up my tab so i practiced the parts that i knew and will be printing off the tabs for the songs i want to learn


today i decided t work on bring back the bomb and im going to stick to that as well as work on one part in anthems of apocalypse and the solo to date rape


the date rape solo is coming along the fast parts i need to work on but i have basically the whole song down now


today i learned a good chunk f vermillon pt 2 by sslipknot


i finished lerning vermillion pt 2! im gonna work on some parts im having some trouble with but over all its well then i wanted to see what i would remember from date rape and i remember most of it the solo i want to re learn and a part towards the end i need to re learn as well but it shouldnt take me too long. then i want to move on to something harder to learn to challenge myself


here is my recording of vermillion part 2 by slipknot


over the past few days i learned and practiced snuff by slipknot and today i learned through glass by stone sour


nothing really new has happened with repertoire although i have been recording through glass and vermillion pt 2 with jesse as well as writing a song which is uploaded in the final presentation section