2-8-11 currently my warm up consists of:
  • setup and preperation
  • stretching my fingers
  • chromatic runs
  • finger dexterity drills from the books
  • minor pentatonic scale
  • major scale
  • lydian scale
  • minor scale
  • dorian scale
  • sweep picking patterns

as time goes on more scales and things will be added to my warm up.


alright so today i warmed up with stretching exercises and finger dexterity drills then i played the minor pentatonic scale and the major scale. i also did some string skipping exercises and a little bit of sweep picking. after that i began working on the technical aspect of my practice.


today i worked on my major scale and my minor pentatonic scales during my warm up as well as my dextrity drills and string skipping


warm up went pretty well i found out going from finger 4321 fast is hard for me. so im going to work on that.


do to figuring out how to get the computer to play back my guitar so i could ere it i shortened my warm up but found that the stretching exercise has become easier for me and i have the major scale in d memorized pretty well now


alright so today i warmed up with the usual exercises and added the lydian scale to the warm up because i am no longer getting the shapes mixed up so hats going well and some things are getting easier and im finding flaws with other things so i will be working on those things which are basically just different shapes trying to play them fast up and dow the strings


today things seem to b going pretty well al my warm ups are going good including the lydian scale

warm ups seem to be getting easier which is a good thing i might look up some new things to add to it to hopefully challenge me some more


tday has been a pretty off day for me so things were sketchy today but not too bad tomorrow is a theory day so lets hope its a better day


warm up went pretty well i have no complaints


today i recorded my warm up and will upload it tomorrow when i have a card reader and more time to upload it but things seemed to go well i have not heard the recording so i hope you can hear everything


everything was great today and had a good flow to it i had no problems with my warm up


do to our guest speaker i only had time to warm up like normally and go through the minor pentatonic major and lydian scale


warm up is definitely going good and gives my fingers a good workout


warm up is ging great and the scales i have been learning are getting easier and stored away in memory


happy saint patricks day!!!!!! today i warmed up ike usual things are good but i find my hand gets kinda tired from them


today thinks went well i wasnt able to ply over the weekend all that much so today was kinda get bck into the groove of things.


warm up is going good i plan to record it tomorrow


today was not a good day for recording i messed up a lot for whatever reason i might try it again tomorrow before i upload it but other than that things are going well


here is my midterm warmup that i recorded yesterday


my warm up is going great i can get through it in a reasonable amount of time with out too much trouble.


warm up is all good and doesnt hurt my fingers at all


warm up is awesome and scales are going great i want to stat like analyzing the scales and finding the root notes of them ect and put them to some use


alright so today went really well my scales and everything are getting more and more fluent.


today was spent revising my plan for the rest of the semester. i plan to not totally move away from scales but i want to look more into chords and progressions then move to seeing the relationships between the chords and scales. after that i will be looking at actual composition techniques and metal guitar techniques to use in composition ect.


look in project proposal under 2nd half revision to se specifically what i plan on working on this half. i want to focus on other aspects that will help me write music and by the end i hope to have something written but if i don't that process will be continued on my own at home. im gonna be looking at chords progressions relationships between chords and scales and structure of songs as well as different techniques

warm up went really well today i switched my finger dexterity exercises to the first thing i do then to the stretches as suggested by Mr. Freebern


i noticed all of them moved when they played. they emersed themselves in the music and were really focused. even when they messed up they kept laying and did not let it effect the rest of the piece. they are not afraid to fail. when you allow for failure you can achieve success. i really enjoyed their little show yesterday and the harp is such an amazing instrument i have never heard it in person before. all of the pieces were beautiful and unique in their own way and required a variety of traditional and non traditional techniques/ways of playing for all the instruments. it made me think about my own playing in a new way. in my head i was thinking about how metal and heavier music was derived from classical and i was picturing some parts being played on guitar ect. i was noticing arpeggios and some parts on the violin i believe that was almost like sweep picking on the guitar. i was trying to see those pieces in different ways. see the harmonies the duel parts the multiple melodies, themes in the music and repetitions and different techniques.


warm up was great and my scales were not to bad a but iffy here and there but will work on that


today went great i really didnt have any problems within my warm up


warm up went great its getting to be a lot smoother and fluent


warm up was great everything is going well still =]


today is usually a theory day but i needed to record my technical work so my warm up was significantly shortened today do to the shortened block


um yeah its been a busy day for me i spent the first three blocks filming and editing a documentary do ive been running around interviewing people and editing so im tired but the warm up went pretty well. i wish i had my car so i could go home but im here till atleast 330


today was another day spent filming and editing but my warm up is go =d today was much better than yesterday


these two days have been spent reading from my songwriting for dummies book i have not played do to the half days


warm up went pretty well today i dont have any complaints


i have been playing the acoustic lately and its going pretty well there is no high e string on it but im trying to work around that


warm up is still good no problems with it ive been working and focusing on repertoire lately


  • Assess where you are in the plan(are you flowing completely, partially, stuck on a part?)

im sorta flowing my band has changed a lot so im switching to a focus on more acoustical things and ventures. im going to record some covers with jesse and i want to get my ass in gear and write some songs for an acoustic guitar or songs more like dear god and sieze the day by a7x or snuff by slipknot or through glass by stone sour.

  • Comment on any revisions(length of time, sequence of concepts, etc.)

my warmup has stayed consistent but i alternate between repertoire and technical work lately its been repertoire because im studying acoustic guitar im working with vhords and different forms like barre open and power chords

  • Plot the final phase(continue in the flow, plans for moving forward, solutions to problem solving, etc.)

my plans are continuing to work with sweep picking and acoustic work trying to write songs like stone sour or the other songs i mentioned


warm up is good nothing special to say about it


last night (5-12) i worked on a song i began writing the other day in class. i came up with lead parts and other part and did a soft of rough version of the song and recorded it. im actually very happy with the way it came out which was my goal for this semester to write something im truly happy with. so my goal has been met im going to try to write lyrics for it too and hopefully i can write another song im happy with in the near future. since my band ha kind of dispersed and its just me and jesse right now i am going to be writing mostly acoustic songs but will always be keeping it metal on my electric. it would be sick to have an acoustic ep with jesse under a different name than incitium i just have to figure out the name. things have been going great lately and if you want to hear the recording of the song i wrote it is under the final presentation section under musicians process

the rest of today will be spent reading from my song writing book


today was spent again reading from my song writing book as well as looking at lyrics from songs.


i went home lat night and was going to try to come up with lyrics for my song but for whatever reason i got no where and distracted so that didnt really happen but i read more in the book today and i think i might have found a starting point for them so hopefully i can work on them tonight.


today was spent looking at lyrics from different songs and kinda analyzing them and getting ready to write lyrics for my song.


these days have been spent gathering ideas to write lyrics for my song and today i started writing them i am hoping to have them done by the time i present and get them recorded but we will see what happens.