• Did you change your topic during this process?

i never changed my topic but half way through i switched my focus to song writing instead of the scales and theory aspects that i focused on in the beginning

  • Were you able to find information on your topic that was helpful to your understanding of the subject?
yes definitely i learned a lot from this class and hopefully will continue to explore and learn more as i continue my journey outside of this class

  • Where you able to stretch yourself to learn more on the topic or did you find that you relied only on what you already knew on the topic? Be specific.
i learned a lot actually. i never played scales to this extent before and i used a lot of what i learned in theory class my sophomore year to. i was never really able to use what i learned in that class on guitar so it was nice to be able to apply some of it to the guitar finally. i feel like the more i practice the more i discover about my instrument and the theory behind it.

  • In what way have you grown intellectually as a result of this project?

my practicing is more solid and i can understand a lot more but things are still confusing but hopefully like i said as i continue my process outside of this class i will learn a lot more and ii have plenty of resources to continue my journey and will always be finding more

  • How would you approach the process differently if you had another opportunity to learn in this manner?

some days i was not always focused so i would try to stay focused i would get a metronome and i would also look more into theory and making it relevant on the guitar

  • What was the greatest benefit of your learning experience?

my greatest benefit from this class was just everything i learned and the experience i have had in this class for the third time. every year was different.