2nd half revision

Project Title song writing??

Project Description what i am trying to do is get better at writing songs and improvising. i am never truly happy when i write a song so i want to further explore and experiment with different scales arpeggios and chord progressions to ultimately write a song i am pretty satisfied with. maybe my band could even record it and i can upload it here for people to listen to or even if time allows create a video for the song.

Project Rationale i have played guitar for a while but never really focused on song writing or scales and i guess you could say the basics so i want to kinda retrace my steps and go back and learn more about these things not necessarily "master them" just be able to utilize them better in my playing. i will ultimately become a better player by learning more about this and will be able to write music i am happy with. i am going to practice scales and arpeggios and ultimately write a song that i am happy with and i will document my journey and maybe even upload some songs i wrote that are good but not necessarily "the best"

Components for Mastery scales and modes arpeggios chords and improvisation will all be used as well as possibly harmonizing and layering of multiple licks or rhythm and lead.
components for warm ups chord to scale relationship expanding chordal knowledge cage system reading skills notation?

Research i have a lot of resources at home and will be studying them. for example i have a book of scales i will be utilizing a lot as well as resources on sweep picking etc. i will be looking for more and pieces of music that use them so i can see how they incorporated sweep picking in their song for example. then i will move onto actually structuring a song and harmonizing and finally recording.

Outline of Process (Critical component of plan)

What is the estimated time-line for each part of your plan?

acquire resources

  • warm ups and finger dexterity
  • scale patterns modes
  • basic reading skills
  • writing melodies
build a warm up routine

  • finger dexterity
  • scales and arpeggios
create technical practice

  • benchmark-writen narrative of what i know before i start
  • scales major lydian minors aeolian dorian phrygian mixolydian
  • chords 251 progressions
  • sweep picking
  • finger board
  • cage system
create repetoitre list

  • organize repertoire practice
  • recording
  • practice
music theory

  • rhythmic drills
  • melodic writing techniques benchmark first written melody and last
  • progressions
  • notation (tabs guitar pro ect)
final process - mid term

  • warm up
  • technical work
  • repertoire
  • composition
study logic software for recording i will start off with scales and then sweep picking then look into harmonizing and the other aspects of song writing. i may look into different styles such as metal ska blues ect. and we will see what direction i take from their. at the end i will look more into recording and hopefully get a few songs recorded. i will keep a daily journal of my progress and exploration to see if i am truly making progress. it really depends on how many scales i am going to learn i am planing on learning atleast the major and minor and harmonic minor but may learn more before moving on to a focus on sweep picking which is going to be integrated into everyday because its a long process to get good at that but then i will focus on harmonizing and how to better structure a song so more about the actual song writing. and finally i will finish up with recording research and an actual recording or two

Creative Work and Presentation build keynote with major steps and small recordings of practice. Some sort of notated composition for my band Evaluation my determination and passion for music will hopefully make my project a success. i want to become the best musician i can be. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Music literacy plan

this will be integrated with my practice.

  • rhythmic drills
  • progressions
  • writing melodies
  • and notation for example putting something i write on paper or guitar pro or another program
  • also i am working on scales and chord voicing and positions on guitar.


  • the first thing i am going to work on is scales im going to learn the major lydian minors aeolian dorian phrygian mixolydian scales in one key t start to learn the shapes ect. then will work in other keys.

  • next will be sweep picking and connecting arpeggios

  • a portion of each day will be devoted to learning the fretboard and the caged system

  • fridays will be devoted to theory and any extra time will also be devoted to theory review, learning harmonizing and melodies ect.

  • by midterm i want to have the scales learned in atleast one key and around midterm i am hoping to have written my first official melody for the project. i will also at this time work on different keys for the scales and connecing the shapes to make solos and melodies. also by midterm i will have a stronger well developed practice routine that i will do on a daily basis

  • once i begin writing we will work on notating what i write either by tab guitar pro finale or whichever route i decide to take

my goal for after midterm is to have a basic understanding and ability to write melodies and use the scales i learned efficiently enough to write basic things and share them with my band to have a full song. the first half of class will be technical work learning scales rhythm drills and theory and the second half will be the creative side writing the music notating it and recording if all goes as planned.