2. Narrow down the topic scales
What are all the components that would need to be learned in order to master the topic?
If you are unsure of all the components, do you think you can find more information to help you find depth for your study?

i will need to learn major minor scales and the modes as well as any other scale such as the blues or hungarian minor

Are there enough questions about the topic that need to be solved or do you already know enough about the subject?

i know about the subject just need to practice the scales inside and out then get to mess around with them to see what i can come up with in terms o improvising or writing my own music

Is there a history to your subject that can help your study? Who has done this? What have they done with it? Has it ever been done before?

there are plenty of guitarists that help me ad my studies like mick thomson slash jesse ketive synyster gates and brad nowell. they all have a different style and approach to their playing and i learn a lot from listening to them and studying their music