3. Initial Research
Complete some initial research into your subject. Is there information readily available? Are the method books or articles that will help your work?

http://guitargrimoire.com/ this is my scale book i have at home where my scale studies will come from.

http://www.insaneguitar.com/mc/sweeping.html this is the basis of my sweep picking practice as well as songs that incorporate sweep picking in them

http://www.ebook3000.com/muisc/Slipknot---All-Hope-Is-Gone--Guitar-Tab-Edition-_31302.html this is the book i am looking at for repertoire and i have others i can use at home

my warm up consists of different exercises i have in my head and some on paper

i also have a songwriting for dummies book at home.

i feel like i have enough resources between finding new things online and at my house its just a matter of practicing them all and knowing what i have to do next. i have a whole binder of things at my house that i can use but one skill i need to work on would be reading music and being able to play it on guitar ll of my books have the notes with tabs underneath so i can make the connection and learn that way

warm ups

those are some of my warm ups then i also add in any scales i have learned and some sweep picking and things like that