1. Describe your musical back ground:
  • Instruments you play

mainly i play guitar but i have started playing bass last year and a little bit of drums.

  • Level of playing ability

i have played guitar for 5 years i think now. i have played in multiple bands and am currently in a band looking to record and play gigs. i know some scales and things but im working on that.

  • Performance ensemble experience

i have played in multiple bands but never really performed much in front of big audiences just family friends and people who show up at practice.
  • Music classes
musicians process for the third time

music theory
  • Private lessons

i am self taught.

2. What is it that you hope to know and/or are able to do after completing this course?
  • Knowledge
i hope to be able to write and improvise music better and more easily.
  • Skills
sweep picking arpeggios scales chords
  • Aspirations
i want to be able to write music that i am completely happy with and want to be able todo it fairly easily as well as play in a band in front of people

3. Do you need to obtain an instrument for this class?
no i have my guitar at at home that i will bring in

4. Do you need us to assign you an instrument locker for this class?
yes that might be helpful just so i can leave it there instead of carrying it all day

5. Questions or comments you have about this course?
im excited to take this class for the third time and see whats new and what else i can learn from it.