invest in a metronome for home use and while practicing

  • put chords to notes in scale in every key (chord scale)
  • chord voicings open/barre power chords

  • ii-V-I
  • I-IV-V-I
  • up in seconds I-ii-iii-IV-V-vi-viio
  • down in thirds I-vi-IV-ii-viio-V-iii-I
  • down in fifths I-VI-viio-iii-vi-ii-V-I
  • practice progressions in different keys

rhythmic drills

chord to scale relationship
  • what scales to use over what chords
  • soloing with only chord tones
  • continue with my scale analysis studies

actual writing/ song analysis
  • rhythm guitar
  • lead guitar
  • song structure
  • look at pieces i like and analyze key relationship between chords and solo are they notes from the chord/ the key/ chromatic/ outside the key

metal guitar techniques
  • look at different techniques
  • try to combine those techniques to write a song that is more interesting and appealing